August 9, 2018 / Oral Fluid Testing Services

Synthetic Cannabinoid Oral Fluid Testing

We can confidently say we’re at the forefront of researching and identifying synthetic cannabinoids. We were the first lab in the world to develop a urine-based metabolite test for “synthetic marijuana.”

4 to 100 times stronger than marijuana, users often turn to these herbal smoking products marketed under brand names such as K2, K3 Legal, Syn, Spice, and many others to avoid detection by standard drug tests.

Synthetic marijuana compounds commonly found in “K2”, “Spice” and other popular brands are now detectable — RTL offers lab-based testing for the detection of synthetic cannabinoid compounds in oral fluids.


In July 2012, the DEA banned 15 synthetic cannabinoids, citing numerous calls to poison control center around the nation. However, newer generation compounds continue to emerge—making it more vital than ever to target synthetic marijuana.

Oral Fluid Testing

  • Quantitatively identifies 19 synthetic cannabinoid parent drugs in human oral fluid/saliva
  • Includes RTL-Oral collection device with saliva volume indicator for sufficient volume collection every time
  • Presence of parent drug in saliva confirms ingestion; average detection window up to 24-48 hours